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An air conditioner is a key component of any office, home or apartment that is considered necessary for most people, making sure it is working at all times is considered vitally important. When in a state of emergency, no matter what the situation, it is important to have someone to call for help.

If the AC is not cooling, it can be a reason that the compressor is not working due to a shot in a wire. Other reason can be that the system is not installed properly or the AC is leaking. If the AC is leaking due to any clogged area, an AC repairman can solve your problem in no time. They have all the essential equipment to test the AC and identify the faults that are troubling the equipment.

You can also check whether the compressor is running or not. If it is running, you will hear a sound at the rear side of the AC, and if it is not, then you must immediately report the situation to an expert. If the compressor is found to be damaged, it can end up being a little expensive to replace.

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The purpose of an HVAC contractor is not to take voicemails in late hours of the night, but to be there to take your calls in person. Cool-Aid Air Conditioning is there to make certain your HVAC servicing and needs are taken care of at all hours of the day. Our goal is to keep your house cool in the summer and toasty in the winter no matter what time it is. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of summer without a working air conditioning unit! One can only imagine the torture of living in negative degree weather without a heater.

A broken unit during times of severe weather could result in colds in the winter, not to mention one seriously uncomfortable night’s rest. The last thing a parent wants is for their newborn to catch illness because they are shivering their way through the night. An emergency furnace repair contractor is there to make sure you and your family are safe in the am and pm. You don’t need a reason to be uncomfortable in your own house. If you are having problems with your heating and air conditioning unit, don’t be shy to call for our emergency furnace repair and emergency HVAC Edinburg.

Based in Edinburg, Cool-Aid Air Conditioning has over 14 years of experience and employ only the most professional, qualified and skilled air conditioning engineers. We are extremely stringent when it comes to Health and Safety standards and aim to provide the best value possible. We not only install the system but also design them with energy efficiency in mind. They can offer solutions for any size business be it a small office or a large industrial workspace. Call us today at (956) 784-2496 for a free estimate on all air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating system services.

"Installed new system in our home. Duct work, copper lines electrical. Everything. Work was done neatly and fast!!!! Carlos thank you for being such a professional, a quality that is so hard to find now a days. Thank you so much."

- Joel

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