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Edinburg Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

A person needs training, professional qualification and valid license for adequate installation and servicing of air conditioning. AC will work appropriately if you schedule an annual tune-up for maintenance and servicing. Cool-Aid Air Conditioning has over 14 years of experience of providing professional air conditioning, ventilation, and heating services throughout the Rio Grande Valley. We offer the following services: air conditioning installation, air conditioner repairing and commercial refrigeration repair.


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Air conditioning installation

Buying an air conditioning is not just enough; you have to go through its proper installation. If you are in search of a professional installer, we can help you install your air conditioner. We will correctly size the system, employ the accurate amount of refrigerant, operate with sufficient airflow and worked with tightly sealed ductwork. We will maintain the peak performance from your Air Conditioning by fixing the issues of size, airflow, ductwork, and refrigerant. Cool-Aid Air Conditioning & Refrigeration installation can be found online when you opt for the best installation services.

Air conditioning repairing and Commercial Refrigeration repair

The middle of summer is an intense time to encounter a problem of central air conditioning system. Unluckily, this is the most common time for such issues. It is surprising that you can avoid these sorts of breakdowns by using just simple tips. Some factors should be kept in mind while going out for air conditioning repairing:

  • Cool-Aid Air Conditioning has proved efficient to provide you repairing services at an affordable price.
  • Schedule its maintenance in your to-do list and make sure to fill it up daily.
  • If you’re hiring any worker, you must get it from some of the reputed firms, in case they need some equipment and chemicals, then it is better to inquire about it as well.
  • Checking the license of a worker is also an important factor while opting for any air conditioning services.

When we come for the maintenance checks, we look at things such as the condition of the floor registers, the cleanness of the air filters, the compressors, thermostats and all other components of the system. If the filters are temporary, they could replace them, and if permanent, they will clean them.

The other service we offer is checking whether the thermostats are working as they should. The normal indicator that you could have problems with your thermostat is normally cold spots in the house or lack of the ability of the house to maintain the set temperature. Sometimes repairs will fix the problem, at other times, replacing the part will do the trick.

When you get the right experts for your machine, you can rest assured of quality service. These people deal with all manner of things concerning the AC unit. Be it installation, maintenance as well as repair and replacement, you can trust them for they can do the job whether in the residential house as well as the commercial ones.

Cool-Aid Air Conditioning is a refrigerator and appliance repair service with over 14 years of experience. We provide 24-hour appliance repair services to residents of Edinburg, Texas and surrounding areas. Several other related air conditioning services also offered. To know more about our services visit us at Contact us at (956) 784-2496 for a free estimate on all air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating system services.

"Installed new system in our home. Duct work, copper lines electrical. Everything. Work was done neatly and fast!!!! Carlos thank you for being such a professional, a quality that is so hard to find now a days. Thank you so much."

- Joel

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